Call out for visual artists – exhibit your work as part of Openings

Art in Empty Shops

Openings is a three day programme of artist-led events across Burnley and Padiham from 20th to 22nd September.  As part of the programme we will be displaying art from local artists in empty shop windows in Burnley town centre.  

If you would like a piece of your work to be included, here is what you need to know:

  • We can only exhibit 2D artworks which are framed (or unframed stretched canvas)
  • We can accept only one piece of artwork per artist
  • You’ll need to drop off your artwork at Burnley Mechanics between 11am and 4pm on Thursday 12th September
  • Your work will be installed by the team between 13th and 19th September in empty shop windows
  • All shops will be locked and the work will be viewed only through the windows
  • Your artwork is exhibited at your own risk, we can accept no liability for any damage to your work
  • Please label your work clearly on the back with your name and contact number
  • Wrap your artwork appropriately for transportation
  • Work will only be accepted if professionally presented 
  • Work will need to be collected between 11am and 4pm on Thursday 3rd October from Burnley Mechanics

Please download this form to fill in and bring with you when you drop off your artwork.

The Openings programme will out out next week!  Keep checking burnleyopenings.org.uk for updates and follow #burnleyopenings on social media

Thanks to Burnley Creative Alliance and Burnley Leisure