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5 Minutes with… TCB Designs

3 words to describe your business

Creative, Personal, Digital

Why do you like being based in Burnley?

This is my town. I love walking down the street and being able to know all the other business owners, its almost like one big family. I’m so grateful I live in such a great place.

What made you start your own business?

I could never see myself doing anything else, It’s very challenging at times but it’s equally rewarding to think what you are able to create for yourself.

Words of advice for people considering starting up their own business?

It seems more than ever a great time for people to make the jump and build their own dream jobs and brands. There is so much opportunity to create something special and leverage social media to get your product or service out there, but nothing comes without a lot of hard work.

Your favourite business in Burnley (aside from your own!)?

There’s a good few: I really like eating out and socialising so i would have to say Illuminati or the Shift Cafe.

Your favourite thing to do in Burnley?

I love to go on walks, we are so so fortunate to have the landscape we have around here; any direction five minutes out of town and you are at a beauty spot.

How have you adapted during the COVID-19 situation?

Covid has been an interesting one, it allowed us to re-think our strategy and it was also great at helping small businesses and independent shops get back on their feet with new signage and displays to keep them looking fresh and ready for business.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve had from a customer?

Well, we recently got mistaken for builders when i told the customer we specialise in shop fronts. He asked us to knock down his building and replace it with metal cladding and double glazing – he must have overlooked the fact that we sell signs.