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A Burnley brand ran solely by apprentices?

Burnley business Red-Fern Media is putting its faith into local apprentices by exploring the idea of setting up a new sub-brand that is entirely ran by apprentices.

The digital agency, based at the historic Slater Terrace next to UCLan’s Victoria Mill, has experienced impressive growth over the past 24 months. They’ve gone from 12 to 18 staff over the past 24 months.

Burnley.co.uk met with its managing director Sean Redfearn, who explained that the pandemic has led to a lot of businesses looking to fast-track their plans for technology, including improved CRM systems, websites and marketing. Indeed, one recent large win for Red-Fern Media was transforming the customer experience at Boundary Outlet in Colne.

If you’ve visited there recently, you will have noticed its impressive makeover including in-store screens, as well as an iOS and Android app, slick website and bespoke CRM system.

“Red-Fern Media has been busier than ever. For the first two to three months of the pandemic we were a lot quieter, like most businesses. So, we took this time to reflect and assess our goals and how we would get there. Then we saw a lot of manufacturers needing to fast-track technology. We work heavily within the manufacturing sector and saw a boom in business. We have a strong B2B manufacturing reputation in the North West, and are fast becoming the agency for B2B manufacturers,” Sean told us.

So much so, that he’s exploring the potential of setting up a sub brand that would be staffed entirely by apprentices and overseen by the main agency. It’s certainly an interesting proposal. The main agency would win the work, but certain parts of contracts would be ran by the apprentices.

Those lucky apprentices would have their desks on the modern glass mezzanine in the large and bright converted mill offices.

Slater Terrace is close to Sean’s heart. His grandmother, Ethel, worked in the former cotton mill a stone’s throw from where he grew up on Accrington Road. So, when the opportunity arose for Red-Fern Media to move into the renovated building, Sean jumped at the chance.

“It certainly was a proud and emotional moment for me, and I hope to continue our growth here. We moved in just before the pandemic, but we didn’t waver in taking such a big space. Where people see risk, we see opportunity, so we went ahead and have already grown so much in that time.”

We certainly wish Red-Fern Media all of the best for their expansion plans and commitment to apprentices and will keep a close eye on their interesting new idea.